Launches Pioneering CSR Program in Malaysia, Collaborating with Abaro, Canggih All A Plus, and EDU Paper

Malaysia CSR programme by - Students benefiting from the program

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The Malaysia CSR Programme by, Malaysia’s foremost online platform for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs, has proudly announced the launch of its innovative CSR initiative. This venture is a cooperative effort with three esteemed CSR partners: Abaro, Canggih All A Plus, and EDUPaper, marking a significant advancement in corporate contribution to Malaysia’s educational landscape.

Malaysia CSR Programme by

SK (Asli) Bukit Kemandol has the distinguished honor of being the first beneficiary of this groundbreaking program. This partnership exemplifies’s dedication to bolstering and enriching educational opportunities for students in Malaysia, particularly in underserved communities.

A New Chapter in CSR for Malaysian Education

The Malaysia CSR Programme by collaborates with Abaro, Canggih All A Plus, and EDU Paper to introduce a unique approach to CSR in Malaysia, merging technology, innovation, and social responsibility. The initiative aims to provide comprehensive assistance to schools in need, supplying educational materials, technological tools, and expert guidance. Spearheading Change As Malaysia’s first online platform dedicated to CSR initiatives, is forging a new path for corporate engagement in social responsibility. Partnerships with organizations like Abaro, Canggih All A Plus, and EDU Paper ensure that CSR efforts are more coordinated, impactful, and attuned to the requirements of Malaysian schools. Benefits for SK (Asli) Bukit Kemandol SK (Asli) Bukit Kemandol, as the primary recipient of this program, will receive an array of benefits designed to amplify the educational experience of its students. These benefits include uniforms from Canggih All A Plus, exercise books and school bags from EDU Paper, and shoes and socks from Abaro, confirming the sustainable implementation of the program.

A Call to Action for Corporate Malaysia

The Malaysia CSR Programme by is a clarion call to other Malaysian corporations. It highlights the profound influence well-structured CSR programs can have on education and society. invites other corporations to participate in this endeavor, contributing to a brighter future for Malaysia’s upcoming generations. The inauguration of’s CSR program, in alliance with Abaro, Canggih All A Plus, and EDU Paper, symbolizes more than a corporate initiative; it represents a beacon of hope for the future of Malaysian education. As SK (Asli) Bukit Kemandol embarks on a new era of learning, empowered by this program, it stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaborative CSR efforts in Malaysia. Explore more about School2u’s impactful CSR initiatives at SK (Asli) Bukit Kemandol in this comprehensive Berita Harian article. It offers an in-depth examination of how School2u’s CSR program is bringing joy and novel educational opportunities to the students of SK (Asli) Bukit Kemandol.

Embrace the opportunity to make a lasting difference in Malaysia’s education sector. Join School2u’s CSR program and become a part of a collective effort to uplift and support more students across the country. Click here to learn how your corporation can contribute to this meaningful cause. 

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