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Educational Support

Provide educational support to B40 students by offering resources, materials, or programs that enhance their learning opportunities

Awareness and Advocacy

Raise awareness about the challenges faced by B40 students and advocate for their rights and access to quality education

Reach Proper Audience

Convenient platform between contributor and beneficiary


Our CSR Partners



Shoes & Socks



Exercise Books

Identification of B40 students

  • School provide listing
  • School get sponsor and budget
  • School2U create CSR voucher code

Choose items at School2U Mall

  • School teachers / bookshop operator assist students to place order according to the student’s sizing

Vendor pack and ship

  • Vendor proceed the orders accordingly and shipped all the orders to school

Distribution to CSR students

  • School teachers / bookshop operator distribute orders to students
  • School bookshop operator submit proof of receipt to School2U

Payment process

  • School2U provide overall report to donors and claim payment
  • School2U release payment to respective vendors

Malaysia CSR Programme

Upcoming CSR Events


Event Date: 23.01.2024 (Tue)

Venue: Sekolah Kebangsaan Kanchong Tengah, Banting

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